Dynamic Host Configuration at MIT

The Dynamic Host Configuration service allows you to move about MITnet using DHCP so you don't have to reconfigure your computer each time you move. To enable your laptop to make use of this service you will need to submit a simple html form (we promise). Please take a moment to read the following requirements and caveats before proceeding to the registration form.

The purpose of dynamic host registration form is to create a mapping between who you are and the laptop you carry. To determine who you are, the form requires your browser to present a certificate signed by the MIT Certificate Authority. This authentication mechanism is becoming more common for modern web-based network applications such as the Student Information System. If you have not yet obtained an MIT certificate or would like to learn more about this authentication system, please take a moment and read the Obtaining MIT Certificates document.

The dynamic host registration form also requires you to submit the form from the laptop you will be using. If you submit this form from another machine, then the other machine will be registered as the dynamic host. This will not have the desired effect. As dynamic configuration requires knowledge of your laptop's hardware, if you change your hardware (or PCMCIA ethernet interface) you will need to re-submit the dynamic host registration form.

Dynamic host registration is a service that is available on any active MITnet connection throughout campus.

Finally, each host on the MIT network has been assigned a unique IP address. Your laptop must be using its assigned IP address while using the dynamic host registration form. Use of other addresses will yield undesirable and random results.

Proceed to the dynamic host registration form.

Once you have successfully registered your laptop, refer to the instructions on how to configure your machine for dynamic host configuration service. Note that the effort to enable dynamic configuration around campus is continuing and may not yet be available in your area. You may wish to consult the rollout table before you pick up and go.

You can register an additional wireless card by going to the wireless registration form.

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