IS&T's Network Registration Site

Welcome to IS&T's Network Registration Site.

Faculty and staff who require access to MITnet while roaming on MIT campus away from their building network or private subnet, can register their computers via this form. Registrations made via this form will expire annually on Jul 31st. Should you need roaming access after that date and are still eligible, you will be able to re-register easily via this form. Further information and instructions on setting up your computer for MITnet access is available at

By registering your computer you are agreeing to the MITnet rules of use:

  • Don't let anyone know your password(s).
  • Don't violate the privacy of other users.
  • Don't interfere with the integrity of the system.
  • Don't copy or misuse copyrighted material (including software).
  • Don't use the network to harass anyone in any way.
  • Don't restrict or deny access to the network by legitimate users.
  • Don't use the network for private financial gain.

Please understand and follow the rules of use. Violations will result in loss of network service.

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