Wireless Registration

A second pcmcia card can be registered to support access to wireless-based networking on campus. This form will enable you to register the MAC address associated with your wireless pcmcia card so both your wired and wireless card can be used on the network via dhcp.

You will need:

  1. to have your wired ethernet card already registered with MIT DHCP. If you have not already done so, please visit the dhcp registration form using your wired ethernet card.
  2. the name of you computer handy. This is the name associated with the home address that you used to register with dhcp.
  3. the MAC address of your wireless card handy. On most wireless cards, this is the 12 character (hexadecimal) string printed on the card.

The wireless card you register must belong to your computer. The same host configuration, including IP address, will be given to both your wired card and your wireless card. You cannot use both of these cards on the network simultaneously.

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